By Dennis Estopace Apr 06 2018


THERE’S good news and bad news.

The latter is the dissolution of Unity, Journalists for Diversity organization ( that announced on February 28 it would fold on March 30, after more than 2 decades of life, upon a unanimous vote by its members ( The group cited as reason for its dissolution the absence of a national convention and the lack of feasibility as funders became few and far between. The group said it would break a residual fund of $68,000 (roughly P3.530 million) to three programs.

This leads us to the good news: the return of the OFW Journalism Consortium, despite a fund of less than P100,000 and after a decade-long hiatus.

To note, one reason for the Unity’s dissolution was also the cause for the Consortium’s hiatus: each member focused energy on their respective organization, as they belong to a media outfit.

However, the journalists continued to meet together over coffee and beer despite the absence of a formal meeting, or convention for that matter, under the name of The Consortium. The Consortium didn’t dissolve, technically speaking.

With the absence of a substantial discourse on and lackadaisical media coverage of migration and development, these journalists belonging to several press organizations decided to revive The Consortium.

We also decided to stick to our origin: that of providing syndicated content on migration and development to media outfits serving or working within the overseas Filipino workers’ market.

The need to make money to continue our work, of course, is a concern. However, since the Consortium relied on the kindness of others, especially the financial support from the John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues (JJCICSI) during its formative years, the group would, as it has always have, put premium on content first.

We can only hope the secondary result, that of generating financial support, would come in so we can continue with our mission of helping OFWs arrive at wise decisions for the betterment of their lives.

We decided to return as the OFW Journalism Consortium has a liking to the Filipino spirit of rising above hardships —injustice and human rights abuse— while overseas and within the archipelago. This spirit is rooted in the story of the Resurrection: that above all, life overcomes death.

Until the next stories (you can find a new one in this new website that you can reprint or, as it’s now customary, share), please continue to develop a critical thought and the drive to strengthen the unity of all people.



All the best,


DENNIS D. ESTOPACE, Editor-in-Chief, OFW Journalism Consortium